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Author: Tim Jungblut

Trainee insights – My training at alfa Media

We at alfa Media have been a training company for a long time and are happy that we can train young people with different career aspirations in our company. The training plan for IT specialists, for example, stipulates that each trainee passes through the different departments of a company – and so the path of our trainee Tim Jungblut also led him to marketing. During his time in marketing, he was not only able to get to know the marketing and sales activities, but also to become an active and producing part of them. This is what led us to this article and a very personal insight into the training as an IT specialist at alfa Media:

About me: My name is Tim Jungblut, I am 21 years old. I started my apprenticeship at alfa Media in 2019. It has always been one of my dreams to work in a professional field where I can use and also expand my computer skills. I have also always been fascinated by programming.

My job: I am training to become an IT specialist in application development. This means that I mainly deal with programming. But that’s not all, I also test systems and help with bug fixing where I can. On top of that, I’m learning website design so I can put myself in that side of the environment as well.

The beginning: When I first joined alfa Media, I didn’t know much about programming, let alone what software even looked like or what all the code meant. So my first task was to acquire some basic knowledge. I started with tutorials on YouTube, but later discovered that a good book is easier for me to work with. I have to stay active myself and not just simply listen.

An adventure to my liking: My first book went in a wonderful direction for me. My quest was to create a cave that adventurers could navigate through to find their way out at the end. It took me a while, but after that I understood the class model of Python. I continued to work on this little game for a long time until, with the help of my colleagues and my boss, it suddenly became a big game that could even be played online by several people.

Django: Not only the name of my aunt’s cute cat, but also a very extensive framework based on Python. My next big project was to create an address management system using Django and to learn about the framework. After a short time, I had already understood which components interact with each other and how. After some time, I was even able to connect a school project with Django. We had the task to create a website where you can look at and evaluate different smartphones. So I spent some time asking my colleagues question after question. Everyone was always helpful and we found a solution for everything.

Conclusion: At the beginning, I had no idea how this training would even work. I spoke to a friend and he said that in the same training he had first learned how to set up Windows and Mac. Then he was shown how to install and use Microsoft Word. I was worried because I had already learnt all that. Luckily it turned out differently, my boss checked out what I already knew and then started there. So it remained exciting and challenging for me. At the beginning I was a bit worried about the team, I hadn’t had such great experiences with teams before, but it turned out that everyone was really cool and fun to work with.