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New Hubspot integration for alfa AdSuite Market at “Die Presse”

“Die Presse”, based in Vienna, is a national Austrian daily newspaper belonging to the Styria Media Group AG. Every day 311,000 people read the daily newspaper “Die Presse”, more than 230,000 people use the digital offer of every day. “Die Presse” pursues a growth strategy based on the development of market and growth potentials as well as optimised market cultivation.

An important basis for actively cultivating an expanded customer universe is the support provided by modern systems. In the course of modernising its system landscape, “Die Presse” has optimised its data-based work by using the CRM tool from HubSpot and its own Customer Data Platform. In this context, the previously used alfa AdSuite Enterprise was replaced by the browser-based ad management system alfa AdSuite Market. This made it possible to create a seamless integration with HubSpot, which enables the exchange of commercial processes and production processes in real time between the systems. For this purpose, close cooperation was established with Schickler, a management consultancy specialising in the media and communications industry, as well as with Sternwald Consulting, who acted as HubSpot integrator.

The advantage of this new technological infrastructure is the integration of the company’s own sales data as well as various market data (such as from the market observers KSV or Focus) into its own customer data platform. Through its own interface, necessary information can also be passed directly to AdSuite Market. In this way, “Die Presse” sales team is optimally supplied with real-time information in market cultivation.

This method identifies and processes unused potential and contributes significantly to the successful operationalisation of  “Die Presse” growth strategy. The entire project was implemented in a time-efficient manner thanks to the excellent cooperation of all those involved.