Our corporate world revolves around strong partnerships. They enable us to optimise our business processes and create advanced, effective solutions for our customers. Every partnership is based on shared values, high performance standards and the courage to break new ground. Learn more about our network, which we have carefully built up and which helps us every day to turn our visions into reality.

Aptoma is rooted in both Oslo, Norway and Gothenburg, Sweden. As a renowned B2B SaaS company, they shape the way journalists and editors work with their AI-assisted print automation, without restricting their creative development. Their products are the first choice of many well-known media companies in Scandinavia.
fidion offers a powerful WebCMS for online portals of media houses, newspapers and magazines and enables real-time integration into the alfa EditorialOrganiser. In addition, we jointly offer the ePaper/App solution linkup, which offers the advantages of the classic ePaper in a modern way.
HubSpot's CRM platform includes all the necessary tools and integrations for your team - be it for marketing, sales and customer service activities, content management or business process automation. At alfa Media, we provide you with certified HubSpot experts for the implementation and connection to your existing systems.
The Braunschweig-based HUP GmbH develops high-quality software solutions. Around 100 HUP experts advise, implement and support media houses and companies - increasingly also internationally. The focus is on publishing software (subscription, distribution, logistics, insert planning, etc.), comet Lohnbüro (accounting) and comprehensive services up to the marketing agency REBLZ., based in Toronto, Canada, is a spin-off of The Globe and Mail. is an automated AI layout tool for automation, optimisation and predictions that helps content publishers increase revenue and efficiency in their print and digital activities. This enables intuitive and automated page layouts to be created, saving time and resources.
Sternwald is an experienced pioneer in the development of digital solutions for media and publishing houses. For more than 30 years they have been delivering publication concepts and implementing them technically to help their customers create monetary value. In close cooperation with Sternwald, we offer the ePaper/App solution linkup to set new standards together.