Artificial Intelligence

Our AI-powered products are more than just software solutions. They are powerful tools that aim to increase your productivity, reduce inconvenience and improve the quality of your work. We look forward to supporting you in your digital transformation!

AI-driven text editing

The EditorialOrganiser uses AI for advanced text editing requirements. Our AI tool “Alice” offers tools for shortening texts, changing tonality, filling text blocks, creating bullet point lists and editing individual queries. With automatic keywording of texts and images, EditorialOrganiser extends the limits of traditional text manipulation.

In the future, we will go one step further by introducing prompt customisation features that give you more control and personalisation, as well as email summaries that include classification information to revolutionise your information management.

Optimise your advertising campaigns with AI

Our advertising and market management solution AdSuite also supports the use of AI functions with “Alice”. With AI-supported support in the areas of industry allocation and keyword identification, the software offers optimisation of your advertising campaigns. You can rely on more precise targeting and more accurate analysis results.

Exciting new features are also planned for AdSuite: a natural language search that makes your interaction with the software more fluid and intuitive, and automatic generation and enrichment of customer master data that minimises the work involved in customer retention.

Future plans: Innovative ongoing development of our AI tools

In our development pipeline, we are also working on support for image generation. In both EditorialOrganiser and Stylo, we plan to use the power of artificial intelligence to generate images that are perfectly matched to the text content – a huge step towards the seamless integration of text and images in your work processes.

Your brand, your voice and your success story

Our mission is to turn your AI into your unique selling point. Looking ahead into 2024, we see a clear trend: publishers using artificial intelligence will mainly differ in terms of who uses “off-the-shelf” AI and who takes advantage of customised AI. With us, you are definitely in the second group.

We know that nobody wants to sound like their competitor. That’s why we offer customisable AI solutions tailored to your needs to integrate your specific brand and voice into the AI model and deliver authentic content. This means that the future of artificial intelligence is closer than you think. At the same time, we utilise the potential of AI to adapt to individual needs and create proactive solutions to provide you with tools that not only make your work easier, but take it to a higher level.

For more information or a detailed demonstration of our AI products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s find out together how our AI solutions can transform your business processes.



  • alfamedia offers AI-supported products that increase productivity and improve the quality of work.
  • The AI tool “Alice” supports advanced text editing requirements such as text shortening, tonality changes and automatic keywording of texts and images.
  • Future features include customisation of prompts and email summaries with classification information.
  • The advertising and market management solution AdSuite uses “Alice” for AI functions in the areas of industry allocation and keyword identification.
  • Planned functions for AdSuite include a natural language search and automatic generation and enrichment of customer master data.
  • Support for image generation that is customised to the text content is also under development.
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