Print Automation

With the rapid development of technology, we are facing a major change in the printing industry: print automation. This technology can automate the workflow of creating print products, reducing costs while improving the quality and consistency of your products.

AI-supported layout vs. automatic AI layout: Which approach suits you?

The use of artificial intelligence in the layout of content plays a key role here. A distinction is made between AI-supported layout and automatic AI layout. With AI-supported layout, the editor continues to create the content, which is assigned to the page maker by a human layouter. The AI then takes over the layout of the articles. The process is strongly controlled by metadata and offers scope for customisation.

In the automatic AI layout, on the other hand, the AI lays out the entire page layout after the editor has created the content. The page maker then checks the layout. This process is completely metadata-driven and ensures a high level of standardisation.

Ultimately, the decision between AI-assisted layout and automatic AI layout depends on the specific requirements of your project. Both approaches offer their own advantages – customisation vs. efficiency and consistency. We have experts on hand to help you find the optimal solution for your needs.

Our partnerships: Efficiency and customisation in print automation

Our cooperation with enables fully automated creation of print pages, making the process even more efficient and smooth. is known for their advanced AI-powered solutions and their technology is now being utilised as part of our print solutions. This ensures far-reaching automation from content creation to the final printout. We can now offer our customers even more efficient and future-proof solutions for their printing needs.

Aptoma, also a co-operation partner of alfamedia, is a pioneer when it comes to automated layout for printed pages. Thanks to this partnership, we can offer you a higher degree of customisation and flexibility in the design of your print products. Automated layout, as provided by Aptoma, combines human creativity and automation technology to create first-class layouts. This technology makes it possible to organise and design content efficiently while leaving room for a personalised touch.

Print automation is a revolutionary development in the printing sector and we are ready to help you capitalise on this innovation. Contact us to find out more and realise the benefits of print automation for your business.

At a glance:

  • Print automation improves the cost and quality of print products.
  • AI is used for layout.
  • There are two approaches: AI-assisted layout and automatic AI layout.
  • The choice of approach depends on the project requirements.
  • Cooperation with enables fully automated print creation.
  • Cooperation with Aptoma offers higher customisation of layouts.


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