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HubSpot and alfa Media: An interview with Rebecca Gunkel

We at alfa Media have been a Platinum Integration Partner of HubSpot for a few months now. To give you an understanding not only of HubSpot, but also why alfa Media is the right partner for a HubSpot integration, we talked to Rebecca Gunkel, our Account Manager Sales, about exactly that.

alfa Media has been a Platinum Integration Partner of HubSpot since July 2022. What does that mean exactly and which HubSpot services are covered?

Rebecca Gunkel, Account Manager Sales at alfa Media and certified HubSpot expert

Rebecca Gunkel:

As a Platinum Integration Partner, we can offer and carry out all services for the implementation of HubSpot components. This includes, for example, onboarding, setup and configuration and the evaluation of the required interfaces to existing systems.
We are able to introduce all HubSpot components to customers or prospects, whether marketing, sales or even CRM Hub. You can have the complete portfolio presented and implemented by us.

You work in sales at alfa Media, why did you decide to get certified for HubSpot?

Rebecca Gunkel:We see the issue of CRM as becoming increasingly important. Not only with our existing customers and in the publishing market, but also beyond our industry. In order to be able to offer all interested parties the best possible support, it is important for us not only to equip the technicians with the necessary knowledge, but also to accumulate the necessary know-how in other areas. CRM is a super interesting topic and I wanted to understand and know as much as possible what possibilities and advantages we and our customers/interested parties have with HubSpot.

There are two ways to purchase HubSpot – directly from HubSpot or via a HubSpot partner such as alfa Media. But what are the advantages of purchasing HubSpot from a partner and working with them?

Rebecca Gunkel:Of course, we work very closely with our colleagues from HubSpot and coordinate continuously. The advantage of working with an implementation partner like us is clearly that we not only have a great deal of knowledge about the HubSpot platform itself, but also the know-how to connect it to or integrate it with other systems via interfaces or DataLakes. In this way, with our many years of project and development experience, we can get the best out of HubSpot and help our customers achieve the greatest possible benefit and growth.

What expertise specifically distinguishes alfa Media as a HubSpot partner?

Rebecca Gunkel: We have been dealing with CRM for a long time, albeit on a smaller scale so far, and it has also been an issue for our existing customers for a long time, so we can draw on many years of experience when implementing it. Furthermore, we are familiar with the development of interfaces, the connection and integration of various systems with each other.

How does alfa Media help to refine the (sales) processes and implement them in HubSpot?

Rebecca Gunkel:We support our customers in examining their existing processes, advise on optimising them and are available to help with the configuration and implementation of HubSpot and the optimisation of any new processes that may accompany it. Always with an eye on the individually coordinated and discussed way of working in order to save the customer time and achieve the best possible result – winning customers, retaining them and increasing sales.

What advantages do you see in using HubSpot together with alfas AdSuite Market?

Rebecca Gunkel:Together with our alfa AdSuite Market, customers can benefit even more. We have created a perfect connection between AdSuite Market and HubSpot’s Sales Hub to offer all parties involved a comprehensive view of the customer and their orders. Both systems exchange optimally with each other and thus support not only the first step of the sales process, but also the complete commercial processing – everything as if from a single source.

Thank you very much for the interview!