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Conversion of authentication for Office 365

In September 2022, Microsoft has started the conversion of the Office 365 authentication. This change specifically includes the OAuth protocol, which was used to retrieve emails. Authentication took place via the username and password so that emails could be used in third-party applications.

This is no longer possible with the switch to OAuth2; the switch-off or switch-over will be carried out by Microsoft successively from September 2022.

Each affected person has the option to object to this process once. This can be done both as a reply to the email from Microsoft and in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. We recommend that you exercise this right of objection in order to obtain a postponement of the changeover until 01 January 2023. If your company has already been converted by Microsoft, it will no longer be possible to import emails. This affects some of our modules as well as all products in general that import emails from Office 365.

With the release of our 2022.12 version, we at alfa Media will deliver a patch for our affected modules – EditorialOrganiser, Agenda, AdSuite Market and AdSuite Enterprise – which will switch the authentication to OAuth2. This is of course included as part of your maintenance contract.