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alfamedia against rassism

In the business world, there is one unspoken rule for good business: no politics! Meaning, don’t bring up any topic that can be perceived as controversial and trigger strong emotions. Be neutral, be professional. It’s about business, not about private attitudes to life.

That’s what we’ve grown up with. We’ve stuck to it so far.

But there are times when responsibility outweighs the opportunity to cause offence.

In the current times, we as a company, we as people in this company, see it as our duty to take a stand. We speak out clearly and unequivocally against all forms of hatred, racism and xenophobia.

alfamedia has always been home to people of different cultures, religions, skin colours and diversities, because our corporate culture thrives on the diversity that different people and positions bring together.

Our democracy is precious and vulnerable, we are aware of this and stand up for it together.