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Der Patriot focuses on innovation and efficiency with alfa ContentLine and Aptoma Print Automation

The traditional regional newspaper “Der Patriot” from Lippstadt is entering a new era of digital transformation. As a long-standing customer of alfamedia, the publishing house decided to set the course for future-oriented editorial work by switching to the alfa EditorialOrganiser. With the finalised purchase at the end of 2023, “Der Patriot” will replace the existing alfa NewsSuite and alfa MediaSuite system with the innovative solution in combination with Aptoma’s print automation.

This changeover not only represents a further development in the digital orientation of “Der Patriot”, but also a first in the industry: “Der Patriot” will thus become the first German Aptoma customer whose print production is handled entirely by this service, with a fully automated print layout process. The interaction of the solutions from alfamedia and Aptoma promises considerable added value for production and everyday editorial work.

A kick-off meeting was held in December, followed by on-site workshops in February and ongoing team workshops. The go-live of the new editorial systems is planned for autumn 2024 and will revolutionise the way 25 editorial workstations work.

“alfamedia knows our strength: focussing on the local. With the EditorialOrganiser and Aptoma, we want to make even better use of this strength digitally – without neglecting print,” says Dominik Friedrich, Editor-in-Chief of “Der Patriot”.

“We are delighted to be opening a new chapter in the automation of print layouts together with ‘Der Patriot’ as our first Aptoma customer. The interaction of our innovative ContentLine solution with the Aptoma services enables the editorial team of ‘Der Patriot’ to not only increase their efficiency, but also to further sharpen their journalistic quality. We see this transition as confirmation that our technologies can positively change the media industry and revolutionise the way content is produced and presented,” says Stefan Bethge, Project Manager at alfa Media.

The migration to the alfa ContentLine and the introduction of Aptoma’s print automation is a clear commitment to innovative media management and represents a significant investment in the quality and future-proofing of journalistic content.

About “Der Patriot”:

“Der Patriot”, based in Lippstadt, is an established regional daily newspaper that has become an integral part of media usage in the region with high-quality journalism and a focus on local news. As a medium that has been working with alfa Media for over 25 years, the company demonstrates the courage to embrace change and continuously invests in innovative technologies in order to meet the changing demands of the media market.