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The Luxemburger Wort goes live with alfa WebTracker

The Luxemburger Wort, published by Saint-Paul Luxembourg, is the largest and oldest daily newspaper in Luxembourg, with a circulation of around 55,000 copies. Its publications appear mainly in German, information and news in French and Luxembourgish are also part of the repertoire of national and international reporting. The weekly newspaper Contacto is also a 22,000-circulation Portuguese-language publication.

With the start of the 2nd quarter of this year, Luxemburger Wort successfully put the alfa WebTracker into production. Luxemburger Wort has been using alfa Media’s ContentLine software since 2013. The alfa WebTracker gives a clear overview of the current production status of individual elements, both in the editorial and advertising areas, in the browser and thus offers constant monitoring of prepress and printing, regardless of location. This means that presence at the publishing house is no longer absolutely necessary and working from home is possible at any time without having to forego a comprehensive overview.

As part of the alfa ProductionLine, the alfa WebTracker supports both editorial and production departments in their daily operations. This gives editors a quick and easy overview of individual pages as well as all pages on one or more publication days. Automatic updates in the browser provide further ease of use.  Naturally, it is possible to jump directly from here to the alfa modules to edit content directly.

Tracking from planning to production live in the browser and the ability to make manual and targeted changes in production are the essential functions of the alfa WebTracker, ensuring maximum production reliability.

The alfa WebTracker is in use not only in the German language version but also in the complete English and French translation at the Luxemburger Wort. This enables every user to carry out his or her work in the preferred language without any restrictions and to make optimum use of the alfa WebTracker functions.  The company, which is geared towards multilingualism, can also rely fully on alfa Media in this respect.

By using the browser-based alfa WebTracker, Luxemburger Wort is able to ensure constant and location-independent monitoring of prepress and printing.