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Pegnitz-Zeitung and Der Bote rely on the alfa ContentLine

The Pegnitz-Zeitung is the local daily newspaper for the western Nürnberger Land and Der Bote is the local daily newspaper for the southern Nürnberger Land. Together with the Hersbrucker Zeitung, the three publishers form the media association Nürnberger Land and operate the portal

The Pegnitz-Zeitung and Der Bote have opted for alfa ContentLine products. Both alfa PrintLayout and alfa EditorialOrganiser now bring their much-appreciated advantages to the editorial offices.

Both daily newspapers were already using the same system before the introduction of alfa ContentLine. But collaboration between the two houses was not possible because collaborative work was not supported by the programme. “We had a desire for more collaboration. Before the introduction of ContentLine, we relied on e-mails for this. Now, with a shared system, there are much more synergy effects and the exchange has become much easier overall” explains Andreas Sichelstiel, editor and project manager at Pegnitz-Zeitung. The alfa ContentLine system runs on a shared server with SaaS installation in a Docker environment and integrated image workflow.

After a very short project runtime, print production with alfa PrintLayout could already start in July 2021 at both publishing houses. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. This keeps the training effort low. “You can tell that alfa Media designed PrintLayout specifically for newspapers. This made the changeover very uncomplicated for us,” Andreas Sichelstiel continues. alfa PrintLayout offers the design professional a variety of creative tools and the content-oriented editor flexible sample templates. Thanks to the internet-based technology, the editor has access to the full range of functions from anywhere.

In addition, the alfa EditorialOrganiser will be introduced at both Der Bote and Pegnitz-Zeitung in the coming weeks. Here, too, both houses want to use the new collaboration possibilities and further deepen the cooperation. The planning tools of the EditorialOrganiser, which were developed in cooperation with editorial offices, also guarantee an optimal editorial workflow for their own as well as for the joint work.