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Use container technology wisely with alfa SmartDock

With our new IT product alfa SmartDock, the many possibilities of container technology are open to you – dock it where it belongs! Admittedly, little of this is visible on the surface, but the benefits of switching to alfa SmartDock are impressive.

Container technology primarily fulfils exactly the purpose that the name suggests: Thanks to container images, content is grouped together in packages, making it easier and faster to send, for example it is all together immediately. This has the effect of speeding up installations and update processes: less time is lost due to shorter downtimes. In addition, the use of container technology minimises the sources of errors that can occur in a system and noticeably simplifies the operation of the software.

alfa SmartDock includes container technology specially adapted to the needs of alfa container images. It also has many pre-installed and pre-configured container images that make it easier for the administrator to set up, operate and support the alfa software server components. The consequence? The installation and commissioning of additional container images is significantly accelerated. By delivering as a complete VM, the deployment of the entire container technology environment is completed within a few hours. By delivering complete images of application software modules, it is impossible for certain resources to be missing or out of date. A corresponding alfa software image always contains all components that belong to this software.

With our new product around containerisation, we not only accelerate processes, but also have an economical use of resources as well as the complete encapsulation of application environments to offer as a benefit. This creates an easy way to run different technologies in parallel or even in different versions. For example, the Java runtime environment of each container is completely isolated from all others, so that applications with different Java versions can be run on one host.

In addition, it is easier to integrate monitoring solutions because the containers contain complete packages and these can be monitored more easily in their entirety than many, small-scale, individual services. More security in operation thanks to individual, clearly separated applications that now only exchange data via defined network or directory data.

Many advantages can be found in this piece of container software hidden in the background. Containers are the basis and prerequisite for modern auto-scaling installations in order to optimally utilise the existing infrastructure and to offer users the necessary performance in the respective part of the software landscape at all times. This will not cause any difficulties in your IT department, because with container technology we rely on standard methods and thus dispense with special knowledge that requires training.


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