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Twitter charges for API access

In order to automatically integrate tweets, analyse them or play out content, you will have to pay Twitter in future.

Twitter announced last week that the use of the API v2 and v1.1 will be subject to a fee from 9 February. Unfortunately, no prices have been announced yet. A subscription is supposed to be available from Thursday. The official API page still says that it is free. Further information should be published there this week (

This affects all services that use access to Twitter via API, including our EditorialOrganiser. Automated playout of messages will therefore soon no longer be possible free of charge.

It will still be possible to embed or share individual tweets on another page, but this will have to be done manually. This is probably one of the few remaining ways of handling tweets outside of Twitter that will still be possible without a subscription. What effects the change will have overall is still unclear.

Media houses and publishers will have to take care of taking out this subscription themselves, should they wish to continue using the Twitter export in EditorialOrganiser, as it is their own company account. Unfortunately, this cannot be done by alfa Media.