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New logo for alfa Media

Today we would like to present our new logo for alfa Media. The new design has been carefully developed to modernise the company’s image and highlight its strengths.

The decision to modernise the appearance was made after a thorough consideration to position the company for the future and to improve the perception of our products and services. The result is a logo that is recognisable yet modern and fresh at the same time.

The symbolic circle shape of the previous logo thus remains, but in a modern and updated look. The circle continues to represent cohesion and connectedness and has become an important identifier for the company over the years. The new logo also uses three different colours in the circle to represent the areas of print, digital and integration that alfa Media is known for. Each colour symbolises a focus and emphasises alfa Media’s ability to serve and connect all areas.

“Our new logo is an important step in positioning our company for the future,” said alfa Media CEO Michael Marcks. “We hope our customers like it as much as we do.”

The launch of the new logo marks an important step for alfa Media in positioning the company for the future and highlighting its strengths in print, digital and integration. The company is proud to unveil the new logo and looks forward to using it in all future communications and business.