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European Day of Languages

German, English, French, Swedish, Hungarian or Czech; these are just a few of the 24 official EU languages that have been part of the European Community since the end of the 1950s. Since 2001, the European Day of Languages has been celebrated every year on 26 September – and we too would like to celebrate the linguistic diversity that we experience every day in co-operation with our customers from all over Europe.

The European Union is united in its diversity. This applies not only to the wide range of languages and cultures, but can also be applied to the press as a mirror of this cultural and linguistic wealth.

Language as a center of communication not only brings social cohesion, but also mediates information between people, the core business of journalism. This is exactly where we at alfa Media use our modules as intermediaries. Whether ad management, layout programs, apps or newsroom management: your content is in the best of hands. Because with us the way is secured for understanding and being understood in all its variety, no matter in which language your news are written.

The open world of communication media was and is an essential component to find hearing, to understand, to mediate and to get closer to each other. True to the words of Voltaire „Qui sait de nombreuses langues dispose de nombreuses clés pour une serrure“ (he who knows many languages has many keys for one lock) we see linguistic diversity as the core of our European identity, but also as a tool that we and you use in our daily work in the print or online sector.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our “thanks” to all our national and international customers who provide us with information day after day in German, English, French, Dutch,