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Author: Silke Jungblut

alfa Get-together: Personal encounters and inspiring exchanges

We do not only organise meetings for our clients with time to chat and for the important exchange of information, but also within the company we make it a point to see each other in person on a regular basis. Especially in the post-covid period and in view of the fact that we are a 100% mobile office company, it is even more important for us to organise face-to-face meetings.

On 25 May, the time had finally come again. Around noon we met at the head office in Rödermark, not only to discuss the experiences of the recent past, but also to be able to meet and greet each other in person again.

After the initial chats were concluded, the programme got underway. We started with the review of the customer day, in which we not only presented to the colleagues what had been presented at the customer day, but also shared our impressions. There was also room for some questions and suggestions for improvement in the group discussion.

Following this, the employees of our new sister company fidion arrived and joined us so we could get to know each other. In a relaxed and friendly round of welcoming, the department heads and their teams introduced themselves and outlined their respective areas of responsibility. As a result, it was quickly possible to determine who from the different companies could get together afterwards to share experiences or engage in conversation. In addition, it was of course also nice to get to know the faces behind the voices with whom one had already had contact on the phone.

In order to get to know each other even better and to be able to engage in further conversations, including private ones, we started at 5 p.m. for dinner together and to round off the evening. Over regional beer and a delicious buffet, we discussed projects, chatted and clarified questions. Naturally, there was also fun on offer, so some of us met up for a game of table football.

We thoroughly enjoyed each others company and are already looking forward to meeting again soon.