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Stylo – New insights into the redesign Part 7

Our professional tool for all forms of ad design (interactive – digital – print) will not only receive a redesign in 2022, but will also become much smarter! To this end, we will present more and more of the new features at short intervals.

What awaits you in our new Stylo? – Part 7

  • New design – paragraph catalogue: Now also the paragraph catalogue appears in a design with very useful new functions.
  • Changed – Paragraph catalogue: The values for the layout are taken over from the selected paragraph for new paragraph formats.
  • New – Duplicate paragraph formats: If you need variants of paragraph formats, you can now quickly create them using the “Duplicate” function.
  • New logic – Assignment of formats: If you want to assign a paragraph format to the text, this is done by double-clicking in the paragraph catalogue.
  • New design – frame formats: Using the frame formats, complex frame designs can be easily stored and called up by the user. The user can choose from different pools and filter the selection.
  • New design – sayings: The same features can also be found in the sayings catalogue, which can be accessed via the context menu.
  • New design – colour gradient: In this catalogue, colour gradients used in the document can be stored. It is called up via the colour dialogue for areas.
  • New Design – Layers: You can call up the layers via this button in the toolbar. What is new is that you can edit the layer and element names directly. It is also easier to assign the colours.
  • Advanced – Tooltips: For many functions there is further information beyond the standard tooltips. This is indicated by a small indicator. The tooltips can be customised by the client.

You can get a foretaste and detailed insights in our video! You can watch the features described above in the Stylo. You can also watch Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5 and Part 6 of our redesign videos. All videos have English subtitles.



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