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New sales app for on the go – alfa Snap

For easy and fast access to your business processes, we now offer the solution for on the go and especially for mobile phones. With alfa Snap you have all relevant facts and options around the sale in your pocket.

alfa Snap is the mobile extension to alfa AdSuite. All the important information your salesperson needs when on the road is directly available on the smartphone. Additionally, working is possible without constant network access, thanks to offline usage by caching Therefore your sales team is always well prepared and has their customer data always available.

The CRM functions integrated in the app, such as opportunities, leads or activities, make it easier for your salesperson to work. Opportunities are new to the AdSuite CRM and allow you to easily enter a budget, including the likelihood of closing. Using alfa Snap, these can not only be viewed, but also created and edited. In addition, intelligent algorithms automatically calculate sales opportunities and indicate where a deal is most likely to close. This algorithm is fed by various factors, such as turnover for example. If a regular customer books less than usual, this is noticed and listed in the report for a top sales opportunity so that nothing escapes you.

Your salespeople reach their targets faster: Topics make a booking quickly and easily possible without a product, issue, publication date, motif, etc. There is also the option of using inventory sales and remnant space marketing. A direct booking of positions via the app is completed with just a few clicks. The inventory function gives you access to the inventory in the form of a booking matrix and you can immediately access free booking spaces. Which page is not yet busy on which publication day, where is the best spot? With the colour and percentage marking this is recognized in a few moments and can be selected even more clearly with the detailed placement view of the page – you lose no time.

alfa Snap is the ideal app for your sales staff as it is precisely tailored to their needs: order entry on mobile phones is more efficient, faster and clearer than it used to be without this app, because all important information for your team is always available.

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