AI meets Automation

With our focus on artificial intelligence and print automation, we offer advanced solutions that pave the way for the modern print industry. With powerful AI, we achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in the creation and editing of content. By using print automation, we achieve seamless and cost-effective production of print products. The result is optimised production processes, time and resource savings and increased quality and consistency of your final products.

Print Automation – Individualised efficiency

With two key applications – AI-assisted layout and fully automated AI layout – we have made it our mission to offer both customisation and efficiency.

In AI-supported layout, the AI concentrates on the layout after the content has been created by the editor. This approach, which is strongly controlled by metadata, offers scope for individualisation. In the fully automated AI layout, on the other hand, the AI takes over the generation of the entire page layout and thus ensures a high level of standardisation.

Our close collaboration with industry pioneers such as and Aptoma allows us to offer fully automated print page creation and a high degree of customisation and flexibility in your print product design. With the use of advanced AI technology, we can organise and design your content efficiently while leaving room for a personal touch.


  • Automates the workflow for creating print products.
  • Reduces costs and improves quality and consistency.
  • Utilises artificial intelligence for layout.
  • Distinguishes between AI-assisted layout and automatic AI layout.
  • AI-supported layout allows room for customisation.
  • Automatic AI layout ensures high standardisation and efficiency.
  • Possibility of fully automated creation of print pages in cooperation with
  • Increased degree of customisation and flexibility through partnership with Aptoma.


Artificial intelligence – powerful and versatile

Of course, our use of AI is not limited to print automation. With AI-supported products such as our EditorialOrganiser, we offer tools to increase your productivity. Our AI tool “Alice” optimises the text editing process and increases production output while improving editing standards.

We also emphasise the use of AI in advertising and market management. Our AdSuiteMarket advertising solution uses AI-supported functions to optimise your advertising campaigns. With functions such as natural language search and automatic creation and enrichment of customer master data, we minimise the workload and maximise the precision of your campaigns at the same time.

We also rely on AI to support image generation. Our aim is to generate images that perfectly match the text content – another major step towards the seamless integration of text and images in your workflow.


  • Increases productivity and improves work results.
  • Utilises the alfa AI tool “Alice” for advanced text editing.
  • Offers improved tagging options for texts and images.
  • AI-powered support for advertising and market management solutions.
  • Enables more precise targeting and more accurate analysis results of advertising campaigns.
  • Introduction of customised prompts for better adaptation to the user.
  • Automate the creation and enrichment of customer master data.
  • Development of image generation functions that are customised to text content.
  • AI solutions can be customised and adapted to customer needs and requirements.
  • Integration of the brand and voice into the AI model to provide authentic content.


Our mission

We believe that publishers using AI will experience the difference between standard AI and customised AI. We customise our AI solutions to your needs and requirements. Our goal is to integrate your brand and voice into the AI model to deliver real and authentic content.

By utilising the potential of AI, we offer you tools that not only make your work easier, but also take it to a higher level. In everything we do, we put you, our customers, first. Your success is our success and we look forward to accompanying you on your journey with our AI-based solutions.