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Kolumbus WebCMS meets EditorialOrganiser

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!”

In the words of Leonardo da Vinci we would like to introduce our new dream team: Kolumbus WebCMS meets EditorialOrganiser!

The Kolumbus portal solution is the perfect way to publish your digital content online easily and securely, while offering state-of-the-art editorial and management functions. Media houses and publishing houses need a platform that is so powerful that peak loads do not become a problem and at the same time remain versatile enough to represent what you and your customers expect from an online portal. Kolumbus ensures complete customisation and personalisation of your content and guarantees a positive user experience for your brand.

With us you are one step ahead! WebCMS systems must evolve beyond their traditional boundaries to become a digital experience platform, in order to meaningfully combine the advantages of both worlds for their users. We have realised this vision in the combination of Kolumbus and EditorialOrganiser, which brings the tool to success in a unique way as a cloud application on your workplace; because Kolumbus WebCMS is fully integrated into our Newsroom Manager EditorialOrganiser!

The great advantage of this programme combination: the deep integration. Jumping back and forth between programs, web interfaces, media libraries, documents etc. is no longer necessary to keep your WebCMS up-to-date – you can build, manage, fill and operate your website from the EditorialOrganiser.

With the teaser management and the option of changing the order of your homepage, two essential activities of portal administration have already entered your central content portal. Edit and update already published texts by jumping from the relevant page in the online portal to the story folder of the EditorialOrganiser. Add or exchange images by accessing your media library integrated into the EditorialOrganiser with a single click. No matter where changes are made; an automatic synchronisation of Kolumbus and EditorialOrganiser ensures that the content is identical ” on the front and on the back”.

The unified yet dual concept is straightforward and intuitive: On the one hand, it is easy to switch from the portal page to the content management of the EditorialOrganiser. On the other hand, one click is enough to generate a homepage preview of your content before it is published. Thanks to the deep integration, no additional interfaces are required and the susceptibility to errors is reduced to a minimum.

Have we sparked your interest? Our sales department will be happy to give you a demonstration.