alfa MediaSuite

Content - the capital of every media company. To ensure it is used efficiently and profitably, alfa MediaSuite delivers straightforward cross-media publishing. The content is entered once only and can then be deployed for all media and channels. Maximum range in the shortest time!

Add efficiency to your newsroom management with alfa Agenda. Organize and administer all your deadlines, topics and tasks - all at one glance! 


  • Authoring system for formatting news and multi-media objects.
  • All media objects are supported – for virtually unlimited cross-media reporting possibilities.
  • The browser application frees editors from time or location restraints.
  • Now also available as MediaSuite Touch, the mobile App for iPad and iPhone with full system access
  • Efficient planning of cost-intensive resources, support for the editorial department with easy and efficient organization

alfa NewsSuite

Flexible processes and short, simple workflows are among the success factors of a dynamic editorial department. The alfa NewsSuite editorial system spans the entire process from article creation right up to publication. Deep integration with other alfa Media software modules allows editorial staff to focus on what's most important: good journalism.


  • The centralized editing tool offers convenient formatting of content from every possible information source.
  • Developing and managing editorial workflows.
  • A flexible modular concept allows the application to be tailored to the publisher's needs.

alfa Agenda

The transparent organizational tool in the editorial department.

Today’s editorial departments are increasingly responsible for multiple output platforms (multi-platform). Each medium has got its own characteristics. The efficient planning of cost-intensive resources is an absolute must! alfa Agenda supports the editorial department with an efficient organization in order to reach all journalistic and commercial targets


  • Detailed planning of topics, tasks and resources
  • Easy to handle and clear overview
  • Efficient planning of cost-intensive resources, support for the editorial department with easy and efficient organization

alfa FeeCon

Calculation and administration of fees for media companies.

alfa FeeCon is an application for calculating and administering the fees payable to employees such as freelance journalists and other persons providing services for media companies. alfa FeeCon can be used by accounting staff, the editor-in-chief or another member of the editorial department at the media company.


  • Browser-based application. No installation. All data is quickly accessable.
  • The overview of submitted fees provides an instant overview of costs incurred.
  • Any fee can be calculated.
  • Includes a one to three step authorization procedure.

alfa PortalSuite

The ability to operate digital channels has never been more important. Digital channels offer media companies a communication platform that will deliver content quickly and flexibly to existing and new target groups. Administration of the page itself, from video and photo galleries, from blogs to connectivity to social networks, is child's play.


  • Content is professionally presented directly on the web.
  • The widest variety of services and applications can be integrated without difficulty.
  • Open, flexible usability, optimizes processes in online journalism.

alfa MediaSuite Touch

Writing on the road. 

Time is a decisive factor in the media business. Editorial departments must be informed of and briefed about breaking news stories as quickly as possible. Consequently, reporters play a crucial role both for international and regional reporting. Their copy must be submitted and edited as quickly as possible.


  • Entering texts and centralized storage in the editing system (alfa eCMS – central content management system).
  • Uploading multimedia content (images, video, and audio) from mobile terminals, assigning it to articles and storing it in the editing system.
  • Creating new articles or accessing existing data for editing.

alfa PageOne Layout

Ease of use with maximum efficiency – introducing the alfa PageOne XT interactive typesetting program. The tool can be used for simple and complex typesetting tasks: Either as a standalone package or integrated into the overall system.


  • Combining the ease of use of a modern editorial system with the performance of professional typesetting systems
  • Easily comprehensible user interface
  • Comprehensive typographic and design features