Mittelbayerische in Regengsburg updates ePaper look with alfa e-dition

The Mittelbayerische Zeitungsverlag in Regensburg is regarded as the leading publisher in Eastern Bavaria, covering both the traditional tasks of a daily newspaper (about 110,000 editions) as well as important services for the region. After the relaunch of the website and the related portals on the company's 70th anniversary, alfa Media was commissioned to update the long-standing desktop e-paper and integrate it with the new functionalities. Two e-paper editions of the daily newspaper are generated, the Wochenblatt "Rundschau" and the "Wirtschaftszeitung", specifically for the economic region of Oberpfalz.  From 03 April, the e-paper editions of the daily newspaper will be supplemented by an exclusive digital edition published each Sunday.  On 24 pages, each Sunday, there will be large reports, background and analysis with a focus on the region.

During newspaper production, quality assurance is performed.  All content is provided by alfaMedia's eCMS (content management system).  Due to the automated data collection from an external editorial system as well as the planning data, the products can be produced and enhanced cost-effectively. The Mittelbayerische now has barrier-free reading through a built-in text-to-speech function for articles.

The navigation in the e-paper is simple, well-structured and offers comfortable reading.  The Index provides an extensive overview of all the contents and allows rapid access to the desired article. A click opens an article in a Lightbox and magnifies it to an easily readable size. Customisation allows you to choose between a plain text view and the original newspaper view.  The text representation can be enlarged as desired and the graphic view can be adjusted to the screen size.  With arrow keys, you can easily call up another article from the page within the Lightbox.  A print button allows individual articles to be printed and they can also be sent by e-mail at the push of a button.

As part of an advertising campaign, you can add additional links to customer websites.  Digital inserts are also provided - similar to the printed product – but shown in a separate overview.

A very important component of alfa "e-dition" is the comprehensive digitised archive, which is accessible to readers, sales, and editorial staff.  As well as presenting classic, side-by-side page views, article and advertisement information can also be displayed.  This includes a total of 18 million items, which can be accessed on a high-performance basis - the trend is upward!

The Mittelbayerische newspaper publisher offers purchase options using Abo and retail sales via PayPal or telephone account.