alfa Skills opens new ways of verbal interaction

Virtual assistants are on the rise, especially Amazon's voice-controlled Alexa. Thanks to the intelligent loudspeakers Amazon Echo and the smaller version Echo Dot, the internet giant now also brings, after a pilot phase, its voice control technology into German households and soon into the automobile.

For innovation driver alfa Media the likes of Alexa and Co. are certainly of great interest. And so the software specialist from Roedermark has already come up with a product for its customers and prospects: alfa Skills is the name of the module which gives publishers and media houses the opportunity to be present on a new platform, to open up new target groups and to launch new products.

"Amazon Echo and Echo Dot accomplish tasks by acclamation", explains alfa CEO Jens Emmerich and adds: "Whether it is to set the alarm clock, to answer questions using Internet sources or even to control the networked household." Why shouldn’t voice control technology also offer publishers and media houses new opportunities for verbal interaction with their consumers, Emmerich asks rhetorically.

Thus, the product branded alfa skills can be activated in the so-called skill area of the Alexa app – each user can equip his intelligent loudspeaker Amazon Echo or Echo Dot with personally customised abilities. For example, a publisher can offer its readers editorial content for reading aloud. But that alone would not be a new, outstanding benefit. Emmerich mentions another example to make people curious, but not to tell too much: " It is mainly about interaction: how about an interactive quiz over several days or weeks, at the end of which a prize is awarded?"

alfa Skills opens new ways for publishers to participate in the technological progress of the virtual assistants and to position themselves as regional competence carriers. Not tomorrow but already today! The customer can create the content for alfa Skills in his current alfa editorial solutions: There the content is captured and handed over to alfa Skills. If you are interested in alfa Skills, the alfa team is looking forward to your call or your e-mail.