alfa DAM (Digital Asset Manager)

Content Management par excellence: Content is your capital. The future of a media company is dependent on the content: in this regard, 100 per cent media-neutral administration and archiving of digital assets is the be-all and end-all. This is exactly what the DAM of alfa Media does. All digital content, whether pages, articles, ads, photos, graphics, or videos, can be efficiently managed with the software and networked in a unique way.


  • Managing and archiving of digital assets: 100% media independent
  • Automatic enrichment with additional information: Content is accurately indexed
  • Interesting context information Relevant articles and relationships are displayed live
  • Numerous search options: Guaranteed overview at all times – also in case of extremely large databases
  • Optimal Rights Management: Allocate permission roles differentiated and control large user groups
  • Future-oriented software with intuitive operation: Modern working directly in the browser